Italian and French planes make first flights to evacuate European citizens from Niger

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After the military coup in Niger, European countries have started to evacuate. Planes carrying mostly European citizens took off from Niger on Wednesday and landed in Rome and Paris. The French Foreign Ministry said there would be more evacuations from the region, so citizens should go to the airport.

Italian and French planes make first flights to evacuate European citizens from Niger

In the last 24 hours, France and Italy have successfully evacuated more than 300 people, including 21 US citizens, from Niger in the aftermath of the coup in the country, where the political situation remains uncertain.

The plane landed in Rome on Wednesday morning with 87 people on board, including 36 Italians, 21 US citizens and one Briton. The evacuation began after the overthrow of the government of Niger's President Mohamed Bazoum.


In addition to the Italian plane, another plane landed in Paris on Wednesday carrying French and European citizens. The French chartered plane left Niger on Tuesday evening and French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna confirmed that 262 people were on board.

As evacuations continue, the number of flights is expected to increase on Wednesday. In a statement on the French Foreign Ministry's website, citizens in the country were told to go to the international airport in Niamey, the capital of Niger, and wait for the evacuation.

This was the seventh military uprising in West and Central Africa in less than three years. The coup has again exposed the instability in West Africa.

France in particular has been badly affected by the unrest, with the junta taking power in Niger, previously seen as the West's most stable ally in the fight against fast-growing extremist groups. Having lost its former colony, France's influence in the region is waning.



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