Erdogan, Putin discuss latest situation in phone call

2023-08-02 16:39:00 | Last Update : 2023-08-02 16:45:16

Turkish President Erdogan and Russian President Putin discussed the latest situation on the phone. The two leaders agreed on Putin's visit to Türkiye.

Erdogan, Putin discuss latest situation in phone call

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone on Wednesday, the Communications Directorate announced.

In the phone call, the two leaders agreed on Putin's visit to Türkiye.


Erdogan thanked his Russian counterpart for the two amphibious firefighting planes sent by Russia to fight the recent forest fires in Türkiye. He also expressed his satisfaction with the increasing interest of Russian tourists in Türkiye. He said that with the joint efforts of the two countries, there will be great developments in tourism this year.


Stating that steps should not be taken to escalate tensions between Russia and Ukraine, President Erdogan described the Black Sea initiative as a "peace bridge".

Emphasizing that the Black Sea initiative being out of the stream for a long time would not benefit anyone and that low-income countries dependent on grain would suffer the most, he pointed out that grain prices have increased in the last two weeks. Finally, Erdogan stressed that Türkiye will continue to make intensive efforts and diplomacy for the continuation of the Black Sea initiative.


Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented after the Erdogan-Putin meeting.

"There are many public and non-public meetings. This phone conversation between the two leaders is also an international one, which President Putin announced earlier," Peskov said. Also, he added that the details of the conversation will be announced later.

Answering the questions of the press members, Peskov said regarding the grain deal, "Russia will return to the grain deal when the demands are met." Stating that Russia has repeatedly stated this before, the Russian spokesperson also said, "Russia is ready to return to the agreement. The parts concerning Russia should be implemented. But so far this has not been done."

The agreement, which was mediated by Türkiye and the UN in July 2022, meant to ease a worldwide food crisis, but grain prices have increased since Moscow allowed it to expire on July 17. Leading exporters of grains are both Russia and Ukraine.

While the Black Sea Agreement was in effect, about 33 million tons of grain from Ukraine were exported.

Source: TRT-Ihlas Agency-Anadolu Agency


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