Ukraine taking war to Russian territory: English sources

2023-08-10 10:32:48 | Last Update : 2023-08-10 10:45:10

Ukraine has not only failed to stop Russia's invasion attempt, which began in February 2022 but is taking the war to Russian territory. Ukraine is increasing the frequency and size of drone strikes against the capital Moscow every day. The British press announced the latest situation with the headline ‘War is on Putin's doorstep’.

Ukraine taking war to Russian territory: English sources

Russia's attacks on Ukraine, launched in February 2022, have changed direction. Ukraine is taking the war to Russian territory by launching unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attacks, especially on the capital Moscow, the British newspaper Telegraph reported.

In a war that has claimed thousands of lives, the Ukrainian military has no problem reaching Moscow with drones. The latest target of the Ukrainian army was a military factory near Moscow.

According to the British newspaper, a violent explosion occurred at a factory near Moscow that produces binoculars and night vision devices for the Russian army.


According to the same news, more than forty people were injured in the explosion. Another British newspaper, Daily Mail, reported this development with the headline "War on Putin's doorstep".

“As the drone strike targeted the capital, a huge explosion occurred at a Russian defense factory near Moscow,” the news said.

Initial information was that the explosion occurred after a drone strike. However, Russian officials denied this claim. It was learned that the explosion also shattered the windows of some houses near the factory.

In the footage reflected on the security cameras in the vicinity, it was seen that a big noise was heard with the explosion and dense smoke was seen rising from the factory.


On the other hand, Russia announced that an attack attempt against Moscow with two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) was thwarted by air defense systems.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that Ukraine attempted an attack with unmanned aerial vehicles. Stating that the air defense systems destroyed two drones, the ministry stated that no casualties or damage occurred.


It is stated that this was the third attack attempt on Moscow this week. Last August 1, a building in Moscow was attacked by a drone twice in two days, with Russia claiming that the attacks were organized by Ukraine. No statement was made by Ukraine on the issue.


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