France preparing for war with Türkiye: Press

2023-08-28 10:04:39 | Last Update : 2023-08-28 10:24:14

The French l'Express magazine analyzed the scenario of a war between the alliance of Germany, Britain, and Greece led by France after Türkiye's "invasion" of the island of Imia.

France preparing for war with Türkiye: Press
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L'Express, one of France's most important weekly news magazines, published on its YouTube channel a war scenario between Türkiye and the alliance of France-Germany-United Kingdom (UK) and Greece, which started because of the Imia rocks. In the scenario, Türkiye landed troops on the island of Imia on February 17, 2027 on the orders of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, causing Greece to respond militarily.

An influential magazine in France, which has been expelled from the Middle East and West Africa, where its former colonies are located, served an ugly war scenario to the media, resulting in the defeat of Türkiye and the resignation of Erdogan.


"The French army is working on it and preparing for it," the military officials said in the animated video, referring to the military aid agreement signed between Athens and Paris, Erdogan's plans, and France's strategy in the event of a war between Greece and Türkiye.

According to the L'Express video, Türkiye's "invasion" of the island of Imia, where it planted its flag in 1997, will begin on the morning of February 17, 2027. Under the protection of two frigates and an attack submarine, the Turkish Navy approaches Imia with a thousand elite Turkish special forces. Approximately 50 Greek soldiers are captured and the Turkish flag is hoisted at the highest point of the two islands. Greece immediately tried to respond and sent military forces to the region. However, it lost five patrol boats and 10 fighter jets as the Turkish army responded harshly.

The Athens media announces the death of 28 Greek soldiers and public opinion is outraged by Türkiye's "provocation". On social media and X, the hashtag #Imia becomes a global trend, and a video of Erdogan's statement "Türkiye has taken back what belongs to it" instantly goes viral.


"Greece and Türkiye are in NATO, it is not easy to side with one country or the other. Greece should turn to the EU in such a situation. There is an article that talks about solidarity between partners in the event of a military threat,” according to the video.

Referring to the 2021 Greece-France agreement, the article concludes: "With this agreement, France can directly side with Greece."


According to the French scenario, air and sea battles are taking place in the Aegean. Greece tries to retake Imia while both sides count their losses. Greece loses 40 soldiers, while Türkiye loses 14 martyrs. Three days after the Turkish "invasion", French President Emmanuel Macron announces that the French army will organise an operation to help Greece with a coalition including Germany, Britain and Italy.


In the scenario, French forces land on Imia and, despite losing 80 soldiers in fierce clashes with the Turkish army, the French take control.

The scenario ends with Greece and France together pushing the Turks back to the shores of the neighboring country with heavy casualties. 120 French and 130 Greeks and 250 Turkish soldiers are killed. The defeat results in Erdogan's resignation, replaced by Vice-President Cevdet Yilmaz, who in his first speech distances himself from the West and promises rapprochement with Russia.

Source: l'Express

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