Greece disturbed by NATO's Turkish Victory Day celebration

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Greece was disturbed by NATO's celebration of Türkiye's August 30, Victory Day. In the reaction text sent by Greece to NATO, it was stated that the celebration of the victory of the Turkish armed forces against its NATO ally is unacceptable.

Greece disturbed by NATO's Turkish Victory Day celebration

Celebrating the victory of the Turkish armed forces over a NATO ally is unacceptable to Athens, Greece's permanent representative to NATO said in reaction to NATO's celebration of 30 August, Türkiye's victory day.

Türkiye and Greece relations are improving, however, the reaction of the Greek side to the Türkiye’s Victory Day celebration by NATO revealed that there is a long distance to be covered between the two countries.

NATO Allied Land Command (LANDCOM), of which Türkiye is an important part, congratulated Ankara yesterday on August 30 Victory Day, and Turkish Armed ForcesDay. LANDCOM, which shared a post from X, celebrated Victory Day with a similar message last year, but upon the objection of Greece, it deleted the celebration message on social media and shared it again on September 1.

After the reactions last year, LANDCOM shared a post in Turkish and said "Zafer Bayramınız kutlu olsun" which means “Happy Victory Day” in English this year.



However, some reports in the Greek press revealed that the Athens administration reacted to the message celebrating the independence of Türkiye, which has participated in numerous operations under the NATO umbrella. Greek diplomatic sources told the press that Athens attempted to block it.

Reacting to the objection made by Greece on social media, users asked the question "What was Greece doing in Anatolia?".


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