Russian President Putin very ill: German press

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is alleged ‘very ill’. The German press, analyzing the state of his body during his meeting with North Korean leader Kim, claimed that the Russian leader had Parkinson's disease as well as cancer.

Russian President Putin very ill: German press

Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted North President Kim Jong-Un in Vladivostok. The meeting of the two leaders, who are struggling with heavy sanctions by the United States of America (USA) and its allies, was widely covered in the world press.

Putin's body language in the hall where he will meet with Kim caused speculation about his health. Putin's movements resembling Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, caused news about his health problems to appear in the German press.

The German Bild newspaper, which reported the images of Putin's uncomfortable state in the seat he sat in during the meeting and the rapid and non-rhythmic shaking of his feet, used expressions such as "The mystery about Putin's foot...", "Is Putin's moving his foot nervousness or a state of illness?".

The German news website also claimed that the image, which did not escape attention, "caused a stir".

"Putin's behavior was already noticeable at the Easter service last year. The media said he looked weak. His long-distance diagnoses often include Parkinson's disease as well as cancer. The Kremlin denies these rumors about the Russian leader and emphasizes that his health is excellent," said.


While Putin's latest footage sparked rumors about his health, similar news had previously appeared in the British press. The tabloid Daily Express newspaper, which went further in its claim about the Russian leader, reported that Putin was very sick and used a twin that looked like him.

Source: Bild

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