Supporting Russia tantamount to killing innocents: Pentagon

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The United States Department of Defence reacted to Russia's efforts to procure weapons from North Korea. Supporting Russia is tantamount to killing innocent Ukrainian civilians.

Supporting Russia tantamount to killing innocents: Pentagon

North Korean President Kim Jong-Un is making a visit to Russia, which is carefully followed in the world. While it is stated that Russian President Vladimir Putinwill want to supply weapons from North Korea to be used in Ukraine, a harsh reaction came from the United States.

The US Department of Defence (Pentagon) stated that North Korea's arms support to Russia will prolong the war in Ukraine and that this support is tantamount to killing innocent Ukrainians. Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson Sabrina Singh made evaluations after the meeting between North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"We think that any country that supports Russia in this unprovoked war will not only prolong the conflict in Ukraine but we think that this is tantamount to killing innocent Ukrainian civilians," Singh said.


“We warn North Korea not to enter into an arms deal with Russia," Singh said, recalling that they have repeatedly warned North Korea on this issue before. Asked about Russian Defence Minister Seygey Shoigu's suggestion that joint exercises could be held with North Korea, Singh said this would not affect US-Japan-South Korea relations.

South Korea's Defence Ministry reported that following North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a possible military exercise between the two countries is being closely monitored.

According to Yonhap,Defence Ministry spokesperson Jeon Ha-kyou made statements to the press following growing concerns about the possibility of military cooperation between Pyongyang and Moscow following the meeting of the two countries' leaders at the Vostochny Space Base in Russia's Amur region.

"There were such forecasts and we will continue to follow it closely, considering the possibility," Jeon said.


Jeon warned against possible arms deals between North Korea and Russia, emphasizing that such a situation would violate United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions.

"There may be parts that violate UNSC resolutions, and Russia already knows that. I hope (Russia) will abide by them and I guess we will have to wait and see," Jeon emphasized.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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