Punch to Armenian MP in Yerevan: Local sources

2023-09-21 16:46:42 | Last Update : 2023-09-21 17:19:24

After the victory in Karabakh, people started to protest in Armenia. A person who is thought to be a military family punched a member of parliament from Nikol Pashinian's party, which became an agenda in the country. With this, the people of Armenia continue to call for Pashinian's resignation.

Punch to Armenian MP in Yerevan: Local sources
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Armenian forces had demanded a ceasefire in Karabakh. The talks between the Armenian separatists and Russian peacekeepers, who sit at the table with Azerbaijan, continue. The people of Armenia reacted to Nikol Pashinian after the Karabakh victory. A citizen punched Armenian MP Hovik Aghazaryan. After the punch, a crisis broke out in the parliament and Pashinian's party.


Pashinian's party Civil Contract MPs Hovik Aghazaryan and Hakob Aslanyan, who were reacted by the public, got into a quarrel with the families of soldiers. Politicians tried to enter the Yerablur military memorial under police protection due to the protests.
Meanwhile, the families of soldiers who died in the Karabakh war in 2020 wanted to prevent the entry of politicians. In front of the cameras, someone thought to be a soldier's family punched the MP.


The people of Armenia continue to call for Pashinian's resignation. Thousands of Armenians continue to protest on the streets with slogans of resignation. During the protests where the government building was stoned, the police used pepper spray and force against the demonstrators.

Source: Newsroom

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