No repression of Armenian civilians: Russian Peacekeepers

2023-09-25 11:34:12 | Last Update : 2023-09-25 11:55:35

Separatist Armenians, who laid down their arms after Azerbaijan's successful anti-terrorist operation, share provocative information and claim that Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh are under pressure. However, the Russian Peacekeeping Force denied these allegations and said that Azerbaijan had no pressure on the civilian population.

No repression of Armenian civilians: Russian Peacekeepers
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Azerbaijan carried out an anti-terrorist operation in Nagorno-Karabakh after many of its citizens lost their lives following the attacks organized by Armenian separatists. Announcing the successful completion of the 24-hour operation, Baku announced that the separatists agreed to lay down their weapons.

In 1988, when the Soviet Union started to weaken, Armenians started to occupy the regions where Azerbaijani Turks lived in Nagorno-Karabakh at gunpoint and carried out many massacres. More than 200 thousand Karabakh Turks had to leave their homes as a result of the occupation process that ended in 1994.  After Armenia's unlawful step, which was defined as "occupation" by the world's public opinion, the Turks, who were separated from their homeland for 30 years, started to make preparations for their return.

When the Armenian occupation ended with the successful operation of the Azerbaijani army, some Armenians who settled in Nagorno-Karabakh started to leave the region. Some social media accounts originating from Armenia claimed that the civilian population was put under pressure after the operation, which was denied by the Russian Peacekeeping Force in Karabakh.

In the statement of the Russian Peacekeeping Force, it was reported that life in the city of Khankendi continues peacefully.

"There is no pressure on the civilian population by Azerbaijanis. The Russian Peacekeeping Force is patrolling the city," the statement said.


Despite the statement of the Russian Peacekeeping Force, some international media organizations are reporting news claiming that Armenians are under pressure in the region. The British BBC reported that Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh are worried about their future.

"It took only 24 hours for the Azerbaijani army to force the surrender of the enclave, home to 120,000 Armenians. What is happening to men, women, and children in this corner of the South Caucasus is a source of growing concern. Despite all Azerbaijan's promises, Armenians there are worried about their future and whether they will be forced to leave the country or worse,” it said.


Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian, reacting to the statements of Armenian officials in Nagorno-Karabakh that "we may be subjected to ethnic cleansing" after the operation of the Azerbaijani army, also said that he did not see a "direct threat" to the Armenians in Karabakh.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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