Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in US election survey: Washington

2023-09-26 09:22:31 | Last Update : 2023-09-26 09:31:05

The latest survey between United States (US) President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump was published. Accordingly, in the comparison of the presidential elections to be held in 2024, Biden lagged behind Trump. In the survey, 51 percent of respondents said they supported Trump and 42 percent said they supported Biden.

Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in US election survey: Washington
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The United States (US) will elect its new president next year. According to the latest polls, the gap between former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden has widened. In the survey conducted by ABC/Washington Post, 51 percent of respondents said they supported Trump. Biden remained at 42 percent, 9 points behind his predecessor.


Public support for Biden's economic and immigration policies was also low. Only 37 percent of respondents approved of Biden's job performance, while 56 percent gave a negative rating. 44 percent of adults stated that they had gotten worse financially during the Biden administration.


The rate of those who approved Biden's policies on immigration was 23 percent. After the 2024 presidential elections, the rate of those who think he is too old for a new post was determined as 74 percent.


Compared to Biden, 48 percent of respondents gave a positive rating to Trump's job performance while in office, while 49 percent gave a negative rating. In the polls conducted when Trump left the White House, public support was 38 percent and the rate of those who did not like his job performance was hovering around 60 percent.


On the other hand, in a similar survey conducted by ABC/Washington Post in February, support for Trump was recorded as 48 percent and support for Biden as 45 percent.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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