Plane carrying Wagner soldiers crashed: 140 dead

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It turned out that the plane carrying the soldiers of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner crashed in Mali last Saturday. It was learned that the plane that left the runway caught fire and 140 people lost their lives.

Plane carrying Wagner soldiers crashed: 140 dead

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Russian mercenary militia group Wagner, who rebelled against Russia, died in a controversial plane crash. While the echoes of the incident continued, it was revealed that a plane carrying Wagner soldiers crashed in Mali.


In the African country of Mali, the Ilyushin IL-76 military transport aircraft of the Russian private military company Wagner first left the runway and then caught fire during landing on the morning of September 23.


The aircraft carrying Mali and Wagner soldiers killed 140 people. Footage of the incident was released yesterday.


In the footage, the aircraft, which continued to move on the runway after landing, failed to stop on the remaining runway length crossed the ring road, and fell from the embankment. It was stated that a Russian pilot was among those killed in the aircraft, which caught fire after the crash.

While it was stated that the accident may have been caused by a malfunction in the aircraft's fuel tank, an investigation was initiated into the incident.

Gao Airport in Mali is used by Malian soldiers, Wagner mercenaries, and United Nations (UN) stabilization mission military personnel. It is known that the aircraft previously belonged to the Wagner Group and was handed over to the Air Force about a week before the crash.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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