No genocide in Karabakh: United Nations

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After Azerbaijan's victory in Karabakh, the United Nations (UN) team that went to the region gave the answer to the Armenian lobby, which tried to raise the world to its feet saying that "genocide is being committed". The UN team made a statement that "there is no case of violence in Karabakh".

No genocide in Karabakh: United Nations

The United Nations (UN) team, which visited the region for the first time in 30 years after the completion of the 24-hour anti-terrorist operation launched by the Azerbaijani army in Karabakh on September 19, completed its investigations in Karabakh.

The delegation headed by the UN Resident Coordinator in Azerbaijan Vladanka Andreeva published a report. The UN delegation, which traveled from Agdam and visited the city of Khankendi, met with local residents and interlocutors. The report noted that Azerbaijan is preparing for the resumption of services in the region, and the UN delegation traveled to the border crossing via the Lachin road, which is used by more than 100 thousand ethnic Armenians. It was emphasized that no information on cases of violence was found both during the meetings with the local people and on the routes used by the vehicles.

In the report, which stated that the delegation observed the demolition and demining needs as well as the reconstruction efforts carried out by Azerbaijan while passing through Aghdam, which was recaptured in 2020, it was also stated that the UN plans to visit the region regularly.


After Azerbaijan's anti-terrorist operation, the Armenian lobby in some countries tried to raise the world with the lie "Azerbaijan is committing genocide in Karabakh". Former French President François Hollande, Australian-American actor Mel Gibson, and other names supported this lobby. Some marginalized circles in Türkiye had also labeled the anti-terrorist operation as “genocide”.


Arayik Harutyunyan, the “president" of the so-called regime in Karabakh, was detained by the Azerbaijani State Security Service. Harutyunyan, for whom a criminal case was opened by the Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office in October 2020, is also accused of terrorist acts against the civilian population in the city of Ganja.  It was also noted that the former "presidents" of the separatists Arkadi Gukasyan (1997-2007) and Bako Saakyan (2007-2020) and the former speaker of the parliament of the separatist regime David Ishanyan were detained and brought to Baku.

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