Italy cannot solve all migrant problems alone: Italian PM

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Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said that her country is not isolated within the European Union (EU) in the fight against irregular migration and added that Italy cannot solve all migrant problems alone.

Italy cannot solve all migrant problems alone: Italian PM

Italy alone cannot solve the world's migration problem, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said at a press conference before the meeting of the European Political Community Summit (EPC) in Granada, Spain.

The Italian leader expressed his satisfaction that the member states of the European Union (EU) have agreed on common migration and asylum rules for crisis situations, which have been discussed for many years.

"I believe that this proves that we are far from being isolated in Europe. For better or worse, Europe's perception and intentions towards the migration issue are evolving towards a more pragmatic line that wants to fight smugglers, that wants to manage illegal migration," she said.

Meloni stated that contacts at the technical level are continuing between Berlin and Rome in order to resolve the dispute over the funding provided by Germany to NGOs carrying out search and rescue operations in the Central Mediterranean and landing rescued migrants in Italy, and shared the information that he will hold a bilateral meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz tomorrow morning.

Stating that Italy's proposal is more about how to stop this illegal migration than how irregular migrants will be distributed within the EU, Meloni said that more could be done to protect the external borders in the EU.


Asked what she thought about Tunisian President Kais Said's rejection of the EU's 127 million euro aid package"on the grounds that it was presented as a favor", Meloni said that she "understood" it and believed that Said, with whom she had a good relationship, was speaking to his own public opinion.

"If we do not help Tunisia to establish a strategic partnership on an equal footing, it will be difficult to have a serious discussion. I am convinced that we can move forward with Said, that we can work on a real strategic partnership with the help of the EU Commission," Meloni said.


Meloni said that Italy will soon bring to Parliament a legal regulation on the management of the "Mattei Plan", which is defined as a development move for Africa.

"Italy wants to try to pioneer the different relations we need with the African continent. It shouldn't be a paternalistic or predatory approach, it should be an equal approach. But for this, we clearly need the support of a Europe that believes in this. Italy alone cannot solve the problems of the whole continent," she said.

Italy, which was exposed to an intense influx of irregular migrants across the Mediterranean last September and complained that it did not receive enough solidarity from EU member states, had strained relations with its EU partners; Germany, France, and Austria in recent weeks.

According to the data of the Italian Ministry of Interior, the number of irregular migrants reaching the country by boat was 135 thousand 270 between January 1 and October 4. In the same period last year, this number was recorded as 72 thousand 411.

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