Türkiye destroys oil facilities, bunkers, and shelters in northern Syria

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Following the treacherous attack attempt in Türkiye's Ankara, operations against terrorist organizations continued unabated. The National Defence Ministry announced that they launched a new air operation against the terrorist organization PKK/YPG in northern Syria.

Türkiye destroys oil facilities, bunkers, and shelters in northern Syria

Following the bomb attack attempt in Türkiye's Ankara, air operations against the terrorist organization PKK gained momentum. Turkish Armed Forces(TAF) bombarded terrorist nests in Iraq and northern Syria for the last five days. Dozens of targets were hit and many terrorists were neutralized during the air strikes. The National Defence Ministry announced that a new air operation was launched in northern Syria.

In a statement released by the Ministry, it was reported that a large number of air strikes were carried out at 22.00 on terrorist targets in northern Syria in line with the right of self-defense arising from Article 51 of the United Nations Charter in order to eliminate terrorist attacks against the people and security forces from northern Syria by neutralizing the separatist terrorist organization PKK/YPG and other terrorist elements and to ensure border security.

"In the operations carried out, a large number of terrorists were neutralized by using domestic and national ammunition to the maximum extent. The Turkish Armed Forces, which emerged from the bosom of our noble nation, will continue the fight against terrorism for the survival and security of our country and nation with determination and resolve until there is not a single terrorist left. During this operation, every precaution has been taken to ensure that innocent civilians, friendly elements, historical and cultural assets, and the environment are not harmed. It is respectfully announced to the public," Turkish Armed Forces emphasized.


Following the terrorist organization PKK/YPG terrorist attack in Ankara, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said that all terrorist facilities are legitimate targets. International media reported FM Fidan's remarks and said that Türkiye had hit dozens of terrorist targets in Syria and Iraq. Following the PKK/YPG terrorist organization's attempted terrorist attack in Ankara, Türkiye sent a message of determination to the world. Facing journalists for a press conference after meeting with TRNC Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertugruloglu, FM Hakan Fidan announced that all facilities belonging to the terrorist organizations PKK/YPG are legitimate targets.

"I recommend that third parties stay away from terrorist organizations PKK/YPG facilities and individuals," Fidan said.

After the Foreign Minister's statement emphasizing Türkiye's determination in the fight against terrorism, many targets belonging to terrorist organizations PKK/YPG were hit.

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