Opponents of occupation cannot support occupation: US official

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As the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues, there has been a resignation in the United States (US) due to support for Tel Aviv. Josh Paul, who served as the general manager of the "supply of weapons to allies and partners" unit in the US State Department, announced his resignation due to the transfer of lethal weapons to Israel.

Opponents of occupation cannot support occupation: US official

Since the beginning of the violent clashes between Israel and Palestine on October 7, the United States (US) has announced its unconditional support for the Tel Aviv administration. This behavior of the US, which has sent aircraft carriers to the Eastern Mediterranean in support of Israel, causes intense reactions both inside and outside the country. Yesterday, President Joe Biden's support visit to Tel Aviv and his statements caused discomfort in the US.

A general manager at the US State Department announced his resignation, stating that he could no longer support the US administration's pro-Israel stance. Josh Paul, who served as the general manager of the "supply of weapons to allies and partners" unit at the US State Department, announced his resignation in a letter published on the professional social business network LinkedIn.

According to the letter, Paul said that when he started working in the unit in question, he was aware that he would face some moral dilemmas and decided to continue to endure "as long as the benefit outweighed the harm".


Paul stated that he had made moral compromises during his 11 years in office, but that the "transfer of lethal weapons to Israel" had exceeded his limits.

"We cannot be anti-occupation and support the occupation at the same time," Paul highlighted and added that Israel's US-backed policy has caused great harm to both Israelis and Palestinians.

"Blindly supporting one side does not benefit either side," he said and emphasized that the US is repeating the mistakes of the past.

"I don't want to be a part of this anymore," he said and announced his resignation from his 11-year position.


At a press conference at the end of his half-day visit to Israel, US President Joe Biden said, "You are not alone" and claimed that Hamas, which he accused of committing massacres such as "rape, beheading and burning people alive", was reminiscent of terrorist organizations.

Biden stated that the attack on October 7 brought to light the wounds of the Holocaust.

Stating that the world watched and did nothing during the genocide committed by the Nazis, Biden said that they will not make the same mistakes and watch today. Biden stated that the two aircraft carriers sent to Israel were sent to the region for deterrence and that they would prevent the conflict from spreading to the region.


"If there was not one Israel, we would have to build one," the US President emphasized.

"So that the Israeli and Palestinian peoples can live together. We must continue to strive for a two-state solution," Biden said and drew attention to the two-state solution to end the conflict in the region.


Hamas' military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, announced that they launched a comprehensive attack against Israel called "Al-Aqsa Flood" on the morning of October 7.

While thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel, armed groups entered the settlements in the region.

The Israeli army also launched an attack on the Gaza Strip with dozens of warplanes.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that approximately 3 thousand people were killed and more than 10 thousand people were injured in Gaza in the Israeli attacks.

In the occupied West Bank, it was reported that 1000 Israelis were killed in the attacks organized from Gaza and 5 thousand people were wounded, 106 of them seriously.

The Israeli army hit Damascus and Aleppo airports. As the Middle East is once again turning into a bloodbath, a deadline has been set for nearly 2 and a half million Palestinians to leave the blockaded Gaza.

Most recently, Israel attacked the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, killing civilians.

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