US President Biden fails to answer Gaza question on his return to Israel

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US President Biden made a support visit to Israel. On his way back, Biden, who faced the press members on the plane, ended the meeting abruptly after the Gaza question directed to him.

US President Biden fails to answer Gaza question on his return to Israel

While the reactions against Israel increased in the world, United States (US) President Joe Biden paid a support visit to Israel's capital Tel Aviv. Biden, who made a statement to the press members on the plane returning from his visit to Israel, preferred to leave the question "Do you think Israel is acting according to the law of war?" unanswered.

Instead of answering the question, Biden ended the meeting with the press members by saying, "It was nice talking to you."


The US President also denied reports in the Israeli press that US administration officials had stated that if Hezbollah launched a war against Israel, the US army would support the Israeli army in this fight.

Regarding the possible cancellation of Israel's ground operation against Gaza, Biden said that Israeli and US military officials were discussing alternatives.


In a telephone conversation with Egyptian PresidentAbdel Fattah al-Sisi on his return to Israel, Biden stated that Sisi had initially agreed to open the border for about 20 trucks to go to Gaza.

Biden also stated that efforts to evacuate US citizens in Gaza are continuing.


Hamas' military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, announced that they launched a comprehensive attack against Israel called "Al-Aqsa Flood" on the morning of October 7.

While thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel, armed groups entered the settlements in the region.

The Israeli army also launched an attack on the Gaza Strip with dozens of warplanes.

It was reported that 1405 Israelis, including 304 soldiers, were killed and 3 thousand 968 Israelis were wounded in the attacks from Gaza. The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that 3 thousand 478 people died and more than 12 thousand people were injured in Gaza during the Israeli attacks.

In the occupied West Bank, it was stated that 66 Palestinians were killed and approximately 1300 people were injured in the attacks of Israeli forces and Jewish settlers.

The Israeli army hit Damascus and Aleppo airports. As the Middle East is once again turning into a bloodbath, a deadline has been set for nearly 2 and a half million Palestinians to leave the blockaded Gaza.

Most recently, Israel attacked the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, killing civilians.

Source: Anadolu Agency


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