US wants Israel to postpone ground operations because of hostages

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Israel continues to mass on the border for a ground operation in Gaza. According to the news in NYT, the US allegedly advised Israel to postpone the ground operation. It was stated that the Washington administration cited the hostages held by Hamas.

US wants Israel to postpone ground operations because of hostages

Israel continues its air and ground attacks on the Gaza Strip. Since October 7, 4 thousand 700 Palestinians, including many children, have lost their lives in the ongoing attacks. While it is stated that the Israeli army's attacks are preparations for a land operation, it continues to pile up on the Gaza border.

The United States (US), which declared that it would support Israel in its conflict with Hamas under all circumstances, dispatched 2 task groups consisting of fighter jets to the Eastern Mediterranean as a "show of support". US President Joe Biden also visited Tel Aviv recently and expressed his support.

While the Biden administration made a statement of support for Israel, the New York Times (NYT) newspaper wrote that Israel proposed to postpone the ground attack on Gaza.

"The Biden administration has suggested that more time is needed for hostage negotiations, for delivering aid to Palestinians and for identifying ways to prevent further civilian casualties," NYT reported.

It was also reported that Iranian-backed groups would increase their attacks on US interests in the region and that Washington wanted time to prepare. It was emphasized that the Biden administration still supports Tel Aviv's ground operation and the destruction of Hamas in Gaza.

Two US officials told the NYT, one of the most important US newspapers, that the recommendation to postpone the ground operation was conveyed through Defence Secretary Lloyd J. Austin. Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant's spokesperson denied the claim and stated that there was no such request from the US.


US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken avoided a direct answer when asked on CBS News' Face the Nation program on Sunday whether the United States had asked Israel to postpone the ground offensive to allow time for hostage negotiations. Blinken emphasized that the United States has advised the Israelis on the occupation.

Source: New York Times

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