Number of opponents to Israel's ground operation in US Senate increasing

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It is claimed that there is serious opposition in the United States (US) Senate to Israel's ground operation in Gaza. According to a report in the New York Times, a large number of Senators and State Department officials oppose Israel's ground operation.

Number of opponents to Israel's ground operation in US Senate increasing

Israeli army is preparing for a ground operation in Gaza, and the number of objections in the United States (US)Senate is increasing day by day, New York Times reported.

Democratic Senator Peter Welch pointed out that civilian casualties would increase in a possible ground invasion of Gaza.

"I have serious concerns about the wisdom and military effectiveness of an Israeli ground attack on Gaza. There is no doubt that an imminent ground attack would be disastrous for innocent Palestinians in Gaza and jeopardize the urgent efforts to rescue the hostages," Welch said.

He emphasized that a ground invasion would worsen the already dire conditions in Gaza. A similar call came from Senator Jack Reed, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"There are so many factors that rushing into this is probably not the best approach," Reed said.

Senator Bernie Sanders, known for his criticism of US policy, said that both sides must stop their attacks and emphasized the need for massive humanitarian aid to be delivered to Gaza and the return of hostages to their families.


Recently, more than 400 Congressional staffers anonymously signed an open letter calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. It was revealed that State Department officials had prepared an internal document criticizing the US President Joe Biden administration's approach to Israel's war on Gaza, and Josh Paul, a senior official at the US State Department, announced his resignation in a letter posted on his social media account.

Paul, who served as the State Department's Director of Political-Military Affairs, cited "disagreement over the continuation of our lethal aid to Israel" as the reason for his resignation.

Source: New York Times

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