Bratislava no longer provides military aid to Kyiv: Slovakia's PM

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Robert Fico, President of the Social Democratic Party (SMER), who assumed the prime ministership of Slovakia for the 4th time, said that they would stop military aid to Ukraine. Fico gave the message that he would not approve European Union (EU) sanctions if they would harm his country.

Bratislava no longer provides military aid to Kyiv: Slovakia's PM

Bratislava will continue to support humanitarian and civilian aid to Ukraine but will not provide Ukraine with arms support, Robert Fico, who finished ahead in the elections on September 30 and officially took office as prime minister yesterday, said during a meeting with MPs.

"We support humanitarian and civilian aid to Ukraine. This will be the official policy of my government. We will not supply any weapons to Ukraine," he said.


Addressing the European Union (EU), which acts as Kyiv's arms supplier, Fico underlined that the EU must now become a peacemaker.

The new Slovak Prime Minister said that he would analyze the new EU sanctions and would not approve them if they were harmful to Slovakia.


Fico said that he was in favor of an end to the conflict in Ukraine and did not care which country's plan was behind it.

"It is Russia and the United States that must agree on this issue. Ukraine plays no role here," he emphasized.

Fico also emphasized that Ukrainian President  Volodymyr Zelenskyy has shown a destructive attitude and does not support any plan presented by him.

In his statements during the election process, Fico stated that the people of Slovakia had bigger problems than Ukraine and promised to end military aid to Kyiv.

At the time when Russia began special military operations, Fico criticized the West for the start of the conflict and blamed the Ukrainian Nazis.

The prime minister, who described arms aid to Ukraine as "murder", was also prime minister of the country from 2006-2010 and 2012-2018. During his time in power, Fico met several times with Russian President Vladimir Putin and emphasized the importance of relations with Russia.

Source: Sputnik

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