Japanese Foreign Minister Kamikawa calls on Israel to ceasefire

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Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa, during her visit to Israel and Palestine, called for a ceasefire in Israel and announced that they would provide an additional 65 million dollars in aid to Palestine.

Japanese Foreign Minister Kamikawa calls on Israel to ceasefire

Japanese Foreign MinisterYoko Kamikawa visited Israel and Palestine. She held a meeting with Israeli Foreign MinisterEli Cohen in Tel Aviv. Noting that her country firmly condemns the terrorist acts committed by Hamas and other groups, Kamikawa expressed Japan's solidarity with the people of Israe.

Expressing his concern over the hostage incident, Kamikawa emphasized that the hostages should be released immediately. Stating that Japan is deeply concerned about the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, Kamikawa said that a humanitarian ceasefire is necessary and all parties should act under international law.


Kamikawa, who traveled to Palestine after Israel, met with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki in Ramallah. Stating that they are following the situation in the Gaza Strip with deep concern, Kamikawa reiterated that Japan firmly condemns the "terrorist" attacks carried out by Hamas and other groups.

Reminding that his country continues to call for the immediate release of hostages, the safety of civilians, and the compliance of all parties with international law, Kamikawa emphasized that the delivery of necessary humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip is a priority.

Kamikawa stated that Japan is ready to provide approximately 65 million dollars more in humanitarian aid through the Japan International Cooperation Agency, in addition to the 10 million dollars in emergency aid it had previously pledged, adding that her country continues to support a two-state solution.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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