Al-Shifa director defies Israeli officer during raid, rejecting cooperation with Israel

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Al-Shifa Hospital Director Munir al-Bursh defiantly confronted an Israeli army officer during a recent operation, expressing his willingness to face arrest or even death but firmly refusing any collaboration with the Israeli forces

Al-Shifa director defies Israeli officer during raid, rejecting cooperation with Israel

Being taken from among the patients and arrested or killed is not a problem, but cooperation with Israel is impossible, Al-Shifa Hospital Director Munir al-Bursh said in a telephone call early Wednesday during the Israeli raid on the hospital.

During the Al-Jazeera television channel's continuous live phone calls from Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, a conversation between Munir al-Bursh, and an Israeli officer drew attention.

Upon the announcer's comment that some of the dialogue could not be fully understood due to the bad quality, Bursh retold the telephone conversation between him and the Israeli officer.

"If you want to take me away from my patients and arrest me or kill me, fine, I'm ready, but I won't cooperate,” Bursh said.

The hospital director stated that the Israeli officer asked him to come down and speak to his commander during the operation.

"This is a political field, I am a doctor. Israeli soldiers are doing something down in the basement, I don't know what they are doing. The officer wants to do what he has planned in his head before. It could be something he had organized beforehand or something he put there," he stressed.

Israeli Army Spokesperson Avichay Adraee stated in a post on the X platform that a military operation was carried out against a certain part of the Shifa Medical Centre.

On the other hand, the Health Ministry in Gaza confirmed in a statement that the Al-Shifa Hospital was informed that the operation would be launched.

While it is stated that military intervention in the hospital continues, developments regarding the situation are closely monitored.


Hamas' military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, announced that they launched a comprehensive attack against Israel called "Al-Aqsa Flood" on the morning of Oct. 7.

While thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel, armed groups entered the settlements in the region. The Israeli army also launched an attack on the Gaza Strip with dozens of warplanes. The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that Israel killed 11, 180 people, including 4,506 children, 3,027 women, and 397 elderly people. It injured at least 32,000 people in its attacks on Gaza.

It was reported that 1,200 Israelis, including 324 soldiers, were killed and 5,132 Israelis were wounded in the attacks from Gaza.

The Israeli army hit Damascus and Aleppo airports. As the Middle East is once again turning into a bloodbath, a deadline has been set for nearly 2.5 million Palestinians to leave the blockaded Gaza.

In the occupied West Bank, 106 Palestinians were killed in attacks by Israeli forces and Jewish settlers. In Israel’s attacks on Gaza, 48 journalists were killed.

In the clashes between the Israeli army and Hezbollah on the Israel-Lebanon border since Oct. 8, 55 Hezbollah members and 4 civilians, one of whom was a journalist, were killed. Three Israeli soldiers and one Israeli civilian were killed in the attacks organized by Lebanon.

Most recently, Israel attacked the Jabalia Refugee Camp in Gaza, killing civilians.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he was breaking off all contact with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because of Israeli attacks on civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Source: Al Jazeera

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