President Erdogan denounces Israel again, slams Germany's stance

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President Erdogan criticizes Germany's refrain from denouncing Israel, saying those indebted to Jews over Holocaust not able talk freely of Israeli war crimes

President Erdogan denounces Israel again, slams Germany's stance

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan denounced Israel once again on Friday in a joint news conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin as he called for an urgent cease-fire.

The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza had entered its 42nd day as President Erdogan talked with Chancellor Scholz while Israel continued to strike hospitals and civilian infrastructure amid an ongoing telecommunications blackout and fuel shortages.

In the press conference, Erdogan criticized Germany's stance on Israel, saying that those who were indebted to Jews because of the Holocaust were not able to speak freely and denounce the atroticities Israel is committing in Gaza.

"I will be blunt and clear: Oct. 7 is talked about as a starting date, but what happened after goes unmentioned. 13,000 Palestinians have been killed. There is no such place as Gaza anymore," Erdogan said.

"Houses of worship, hospitals are being hit," Erdogan stated as he emphasized that these atrocities had no place in the Jewish holy book. "Striking hospitals, killing children is not in the Torah."

Erdogan reiterated his call for an end to Israeli bombardment as he said that Turkiye and Germany needed to work toward ensuring a humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza. "This is the only way to prevent the spillover of crisis in the region," he added.

Meanwhile, Scholz condemned Hamas while saying that Germany was concerned and saddened by the cruelties endured by civilians.

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