Netanyahu Israel forces to turn south Gaza for Hamas leaders, lauds ‘friend’ Joe Biden

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As Israeli attacks on Gaza continue, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again admits that U.S. sending aid and support to Israel

Netanyahu Israel forces to turn south Gaza for Hamas leaders, lauds ‘friend’ Joe Biden

Stating that the U.S. administration continues to support them for the attacks in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, "Our dear friend Joe Biden sent private submarines and aircraft carriers with the navy to Israel."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a joint press conference on Saturday, in Tel Aviv with  Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Benny Gantz, a member of the government's War Cabinet.

Netanyahu emphasized that since the first day of Israel's attacks on Gaza, they have made a very intense diplomatic effort to maintain and secure the support of the United States.

Netanyahu stated that Israel’s leadership maintains daily communication with the White House. They mentioned actively participating in U.S. media interviews nearly every day to advocate for the righteousness of their approach to the American public.

Netanyahu emphasized he greatly appreciates the support of the U.S. and that it is sending constant shipments of crucial weaponry and defense equipment while noting bipartisan support for the Jewish state in Congress.

“I greatly appreciate the U.S., under the leadership of our friend President Biden, who sees eye-to-eye the common interest with Israel. The U.S. has sent to the Middle East aircraft carriers and support vessels, and a special submarine, and is constantly sending us vital munitions,” Netanyahu noted.

Additionally, they claimed to engage in daily conversations with various international leaders. Netanyahu added these efforts for securing continued military support from the U.S. for Israel and to obstruct international endeavors that could pose a threat to Israel’s capacity to defend itself.


Meanwhile, Israel said it was entering the “next stage” of the war, as attention turned from the rubble of Gaza City to Khan Younis in the south. Netanyahu, at the news conference, wouldn’t say if he believed top Hamas leaders are hiding there. Stated that Israeli forces will turn to Gaza in search of Hamas leaders.

 “We’ll get to them, all Hamas leaders are dead men walking,” Netanyahu said.

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