Israel needs citizens' aid after 45 days of Gaza massacre

2023-11-21 16:41:16 | Last Update : 2023-11-21 16:52:13

Despite its 45-day massacre in Gaza, Israel has now turned to its citizens for aid, citing the challenging circumstances faced by its army, with $125,000 collected thus far

Israel needs citizens' aid after 45 days of Gaza massacre
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It has been reported that $125 thousand has been collected so far in the aid campaign initiated through local sources in Israel.

The campaign emphasizes the shortage of necessary equipment faced by Israeli soldiers, particularly in combating harsh winter conditions in the Gaza Strip.

The official statement highlights the critical lack of essential winter gear, stating that the surge in military activity has left many soldiers without thermal clothing and insulated equipment, making their missions not only security battles but also struggle against the cold.


In the aid campaign launched by drawing attention to the difficult situation of Israeli soldiers, it was especially noteworthy that they had problems with the equipment required by the winter season.

"The sudden increase in military activity in the face of rising tensions has led to a critical shortage of essential winter equipment. Many soldiers, especially those in exposed positions, lack thermal clothing and insulated equipment, making every mission not only a security battle but also a fight against the cold,” the campaign’s official statement said.

With this, in the call for aid for the occupying Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip, it was stated that it would be difficult to fight Hamas if aid was not provided.

"When the terrorists crossed the border and captured communities in the south, they met resistance, but it was not enough. Many of these communities, despite being so close to their Arab neighbors, lack important equipment to combat terrorist infiltration," the statement added.


In an appeal for help, the Organisation for the Support of Israeli Soldiers and the Needy stated that the soldiers were fighting a 'determined enemy' against the destruction of the Jewish people.

"About 360,000 men and women have been called up to Israel. There are so many soldiers that the army does not have enough critical supplies. They enter enemy territory and face death. They do it without the proper equipment. Our soldiers are sharing and rotating essential supplies that mean the difference between life and death. We must do everything we can to help them," the organization highlighted.

Source: Newsroom

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