President Erdogan urges Muslim unity against Israel's Gaza occupation

2023-11-22 14:18:23 | Last Update : 2023-11-22 14:28:00

As Israel-Hamas conflict continues, President Erdogan calls on Muslim countries to unite against Israeli occupation in Gaza

President Erdogan urges Muslim unity against Israel's Gaza occupation

Israel's occupation of Gaza means a deep wound to the unity and solidarity of the Islamic world, Muslim countries should show their reaction against Israel, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters on his return to Algeria on Wednesday.

"Breaking the blockade is not through one or two countries, but through steps and strategies formed by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League," Erdogan said.

He also stated that Israel must account for the genocide it committed in Gaza and emphasized that it must comply with international law.

Erdogan referred to the meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Arab League held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, which he attended recently.

"The Islamic world must act in a spirit of unity, implement the decisions taken in Riyadh, and stand by its resolve," he stated.

The Turkish President noted that the final declaration of the OIC summit rejected claims that Israel was acting in "self-defense" and demanded that the United Nations Security Council adopt a "definitive and binding resolution" to stop Israel's "aggression".

Erdogan also called for an end to arms sales to Israel and stated that he opposed any political solution that would separate Gaza from the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

However, Erdogan emphasized that he was hopeful about the ceasefire in Gaza, saying that the suffering of civilians could lead to the peace of the Palestinian state that the region has been longing for years.

He also said that Turkiye would work for the continued transfer of Gazan patients to the country and would discuss this issue during a possible visit to Egypt soon.

Erdogan once again criticized the obsessive attitude of Western countries on this issue and said that European countries kept silent and did not make efforts to stop the massacre. However, he said that Spain's attitude was positive and that he would meet with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez next week.

Finally, he reminded Turkiye's readiness to take responsibility for the establishment of a regional security mechanism in Gaza and reiterated its offer of guarantorship.

Source: Newsroom

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