Israeli bombings damage Palestinian Red Crescent Society HQ

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Israeli bombardments cause substantial damage to Palestinian Red Crescent Society's Gaza headquarters, disrupting vital humanitarian services

Israeli bombings damage Palestinian Red Crescent Society HQ

The headquarters of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society in the Gaza Strip have sustained significant damage due to ongoing bombings by the Israeli army.

Eyewitnesses reported major damage to the society's facilities in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City and the al-Amal neighborhood in Khan Younis.

Israeli forces also targeted vehicles belonging to the humanitarian aid group, as confirmed by an Anadolu Agency correspondent.

The Red Crescent's al-Quds Hospital in Tal al-Hawa was among the structures affected, sustaining substantial damage from Israeli tank fire.

Red Crescent spokesman Raed al-Nims condemned the deliberate targeting of the society's facilities and vehicles by the Israeli army, stating that these actions were aimed at disrupting their humanitarian services.

"The most severe Israeli attacks against the society were those in northern Gaza, which caused a health and humanitarian crisis, especially after hospitals and medical centers went out of service there," he explained.

Nims further revealed that only one medical center affiliated with the society remains operational in northern Gaza, providing essential first-aid services amidst the crisis.

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