US Congress greenlights Türkiye's $23B F-16 purchase

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The approval highlights the bilateral cooperation and strategic partnership between the U.S. and Türkiye in the realm of defense and security

US Congress greenlights Türkiye's $23B F-16 purchase

The U.S. Congress Sunday approved Türkiye's request to purchase F-16 fighter jets, totaling a substantial $23 billion following the completion of the legally mandated 15-day review process.

This milestone marks the culmination of deliberations within Congress, during which no impediments were raised to halt the purchase of F-16 fighter jets.

With the regulatory hurdles cleared, the path is now all set for the commencement of the process, which will include coordination among the relevant institutions involved in facilitating the transaction.

This approval underscores the bilateral cooperation and strategic partnership between the U.S. and Türkiye in the realm of defense and security. 

The decision reflects a comprehensive assessment of the geopolitical landscape and strategic imperatives, with due consideration given to Türkiye's role as a longstanding member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and its contributions to regional stability and security. 

As the deal proceeds, it is anticipated to further bolster Türkiye's defense capabilities, enhancing its ability to fulfill its commitments within the NATO alliance and contribute to collective defense efforts.

Additionally, the acquisition of advanced F-16 aircraft signifies a commitment to modernizing and strengthening Türkiye's defense infrastructure, ensuring readiness and preparedness to address evolving security challenges. 

Furthermore, the approval of this sale underscores the importance of maintaining robust defense partnerships and fostering interoperability among allied nations.

By facilitating the transfer of advanced military technology and equipment, the United States reaffirms its commitment to supporting the defense capabilities of its allies and partners, while also bolstering regional security and stability. 

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