Russia slaps sanctions on British officials, historians and academics

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Russia imposes sanctions on 18 British citizens, accusing them of anti-Russian activities and fueling the war in Ukraine

Russia slaps sanctions on British officials, historians and academics

Russia has imposed sanctions on 18 British citizens, including prominent academics and experts, accusing them of attempting to vilify Russia and escalate the war in Ukraine.

According to Russia's foreign ministry, individuals labeled as "Russophobes" by Moscow have been actively involved in discrediting Russia's constitutional system and socio-political processes.

The sanctions target several high-ranking British officials, including Deputy Defence Minister James Cartlidge, Deputy National Security Adviser Sarah MacIntosh, and Director of Submarines Simon Asquith.

Stuart Peach, the British prime minister's special envoy to the Western Balkans, and Lords Dan Hannan and Michael Ashcroft were also sanctioned.

Prominent academics such as historians Orlando Figes, Norman Davies, Timothy Garton Ash, Rob Johnson, and David Abulafia, along with experts like Roy Allison of Oxford, Graeme Robertson of the University of North Carolina, Calder Walton of Harvard, and James Sherr of the International Centre for Defence & Security in Tallinn, were also targeted by the sanctions.

Source: Newsroom

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