Geert Wilders' controversial election comment about Erdogan sparks outcry

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Flurry of reactions emerge in response to Dutch politician Geert Wilders' tweet criticizing President Erdogan and AK Party during Türkiye's municipal elections

Geert Wilders' controversial election comment about Erdogan sparks outcry

As Türkiye conducted its local municipal elections, a contentious remark by Dutch politician Geert Wilders sparked widespread reactions.

Wilders, known for his far-right views, made a controversial statement on social media amidst the unfolding election results, drawing significant attention and criticism.

During the critical moment of Türkiye's election result announcements, Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician famous for his Islamophobic and far-right stance, stirred controversy by tweeting, "Bye-bye Erdogan and AK Party. Türkiye wants secularism and freedom."

This comment, especially from a foreign politician, ignited a flurry of responses from Turkish citizens and globally, with many expressing discontent over his perceived interference in Türkiye's internal affairs.

Wilders is a figure frequently associated with Islamophobic rhetoric and has been a polarizing figure in Dutch and international politics.

In 2018, he notably proposed legislation aimed at closing mosques and Islamic schools and banning the Quran and burqa in the Netherlands.

His past includes making derogatory statements toward President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and those who support him, actions that have led to investigations and widespread criticism.

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