Turkish Parliament speaker focuses on new constitution at iftar dinner

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Parliament Speaker Kurtulmus, in a recent address during an iftar program, emphasizes the importance of democracy, reflecting on recent election results and highlighting the country's commitment to drafting a new civil constitution

Turkish Parliament speaker focuses on new constitution at iftar dinner

During the iftar program held at Parliament, Parliament Speaker Numan Kurtulmus addressed members, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan participating as well.

Reflecting on Israel's attacks on Gaza, Kurtulmus mentioned that Muslims in many parts of the world are spending Ramadan under conditions of deprivation, oppression, and bombardment. He stated that the nation feels this pain and strives for an end to these circumstances, expressing hope that this Ramadan will be the last one spent by Muslims under oppression.

Kurtulmus reflects on election results

Recalling the local elections held on Sunday, Kurtulmus mentioned that Türkiye has had 53 elections since 1950, including 20 general elections, 15 local elections, and others such as referendums. He emphasized that the people of Türkiye consider the ballot box as more important than anything else and continue to empower Turkish democracy through elections.

Speaking further, Kurtulmus highlighted three key aspects that demonstrate the maturity of Turkish democracy: the unwavering commitment of the people to democracy and national will throughout the nation's 150-year history, the significant voter turnout and support displayed in elections, and the maturity of democracy as shown in the recent local elections.

Kurtulmus noted that Türkiye will now be governed without elections until 2028, urging parliamentarians to fulfill their responsibilities for the next four years by enacting legislation that serves the interests of the people.

'A new civil constitution'

Looking ahead, Kurtulmus highlighted two main responsibilities for the 28th term of  Parliament: establishing constructive dialogue between parties to create a new, more participatory, and rights-expanding internal regulation for Parliament and the necessity of drafting a new, modern, democratic, inclusive, and comprehensive constitution for Türkiye.

Kurtulmus stressed that Parliament has the power to draft a constitution, stating, "No one outside or above Parliament has the authority or privilege to unilaterally draft a constitution."

He called for all political parties, civil society organizations, and legal circles to present their views and expressed hope for a fruitful and constructive debate on creating a new constitution for Türkiye.

In conclusion, Kurtulmus reiterated that political parties should not have their own constitution but rather should present their proposals. He expressed knowledge of parties with preparedness for constitutional issues and urged other political parties to swiftly carry out a civil constitution study that they consider important or at least emphasize.

Kurtulmus concluded by stating that the creation of a new civil constitution would signify an important step toward democratic progress, characterized by unity and a constructive approach.

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