Ukraine's Parliament speaker evaluates Türkiye-Ukraine relations

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Ukrainian Parliament Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk highlights the strong relations between Türkiye and Ukraine

Ukraine's Parliament speaker evaluates Türkiye-Ukraine relations

Ukrainian Parliament Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk emphasized the robust ties between Türkiye and Ukraine, noting, "Türkiye is not just our historical friend but also a key regional leader, and our enduring bond has stood the test of time."

During an interview with an Anadolu Agency correspondent at the Ukrainian Embassy in Ankara, Stefanchuk provided insights into the relationship between Türkiye and Ukraine, discussions surrounding the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and other pertinent matters.

Stefanchuk emphasized the significance of the visit to Türkiye, describing it as "very important" in developing cooperation between both peoples and states.

He underlined the "high-level" diplomatic relations between the two countries, pointing out that these are based on the "sincere dialogue" between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Stefanchuk also mentioned the "close cooperation" between the parliaments of the two countries, stating that "all these components contribute to the positive state of our countries' relations."

Stefanchuk conveyed gratitude to the Turkish people and government for their unwavering support during the Russia-Ukraine War, highlighting that Ukraine has deeply felt this support.

He also commended Türkiye for its consistent and accurate political messaging throughout the conflict, acknowledging its multifaceted assistance to Ukraine across different sectors.

'Türkiye is a historical friend, regional leader'

Stefanchuk referred to Türkiye as a "historical friend," emphasizing Türkiye's consistent support for Ukraine's "territorial integrity and sovereignty" during Russia's annexation of Crimea and the Russia-Ukraine War, which he deemed highly valuable.

He also noted Türkiye's valuable role in initiatives such as the Black Sea Grain Initiative, expressing gratitude on behalf of Ukraine.

Stefanchuk concluded, "Türkiye is not only our historical friend but also a historical regional leader and history has shown that our warm relations have never ceased."

Stefanchuk emphasized that relations between the two countries will continue to progress even after the war, citing the Crimean Tatars as one of the factors that historically unites Türkiye and Ukraine.

He noted that the war began with the illegal annexation of Crimea and the "persecution of Crimean Tatars," stating that Türkiye and Ukraine share a common view on the issue.

Trust in Türkiye in reconstruction of Ukraine

Stefanchuk expressed confidence that Türkiye's role in Ukraine's reconstruction will be significant in achieving a fair and lasting peace.

He also mentioned the upcoming Ukraine Peace Summit in Switzerland on June 15–16, highlighting that one of the objectives of his visit to Türkiye is to invite President Erdogan to the summit.

Stefanchuk stressed the importance of achieving a fair and permanent peace, noting that in every war, there is an aggressor and a victim, and in terms of international law, only the victims have the right to decide what the truce should look like.

He concluded by expressing confidence that Türkiye's role in achieving peace will be priceless, and he emphasized Türkiye's understanding of Ukraine's struggles.


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