Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu urged during a press announcement in Bahrain that Turkey's raising her voice against coup d'etat in Egypt is not for intervening in their internal affairs. Davutoglu met his Bahraini counterpart Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmad bin Muhammad Al Khalifa in Bahrain to discuss bilateral relations and regional issues, and he highlighted his happiness in Bahrain as his "second home". They organized a joint press announcement after having negotiations including their delegations for two hours. Turkish FM said, "Whenever Bahraini FM comes to Turkey, he would feel like at home, and we feel the same for Bahrain." Related with downgrading the diplomatic relations with Egypt, Davutoglu stressed Turkey will continue to have close relations with Egyptians, "Egypt is Turkey's historical friend and will continue to be so." He said when a legally and democratically elected government comes to power, Turkey would have perfect relations with that leader and government in Egypt. "We have never pursued to be the winner in Arab Spring. We are always in favor of Arab people to be the winner. Whatever good for our neighbors is also good for us," Davutoglu said for the phenomenon Arab Spring which changed the face of Middle East and North Africa since the end of 2010.