German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged the European Union (EU) member countries on Wednesday to be ready for treaty changes which will compel the member states to meet certain financial criteria.  Addressing Germany's federal assembly Bundestag for the first time after her third term as chancellor started, Merkel said, "I know sometimes it can be difficult for countries to make amendments in treaty changes; but those who want more Europe must be ready for new rules." Merkel gave her speech ahead of the EU summit in Brussels, which is to be held on December 19-20. Criticising the idea that Germany is a country hindering changes,  Merkel said "We are among those who say 'we have to make changes in treaties if they are not sufficient'." Merkel said the EU suffered a loss of confidence because decisions taken in the past could not be practiced effectively, urging the member states to be ready for treaty changes. "We will speak to the European Council about such contractual agreements."