1,100 enemy soldiers killed in Bakhmut, Ukraine

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While the Russian occupation in Bakhmut continues, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a statement that they managed to kill more than 1,100 enemy soldiers. Zelenskyy stressed that the Ukrainian people will continue the struggle.

1,100 enemy soldiers killed in Bakhmut, Ukraine

The Russian occupation of Bakhmut continues. The city is under siege. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is determined to defend the city.

Zelenskyy talked about the defense in the video he shared on Sunday. In his statement, he drew attention to the number of enemies killed and medical casualties.

"In less than a week - starting from March 6 - we managed to kill more than 1,100 enemy soldiers in the Bakhmut sector alone, which is Russia's irreversible loss, the loss right there, near Bakhmut. Furthermore, at least 1,500 more enemy sanitary losses - those whose wounds are incompatible with continuing the fight. Plus, dozens of units of enemy equipment were destroyed. Plus, more than ten Russian ammunition depots were burned down."


In his speech, Zelenskyy also mentioned that the Ukrainian people will continue to fight despite Russia's unjust attacks.

"One more step towards strengthening our spiritual independence was taken this week. Our society can see this. And I see the positive reaction of Ukrainian people to these steps, which are perfectly legitimate. And we will continue this movement. We will not allow the terrorist state to have any opportunity to manipulate the spiritual life of our people, to destroy Ukrainian shrines - our Lavras - or to steal any valuables from them."

As the war continues with deadly losses, Bakhmut is a critical area, so both sides give importance to this area.


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