Ukraine takes delivery of Challenger 2 tanks

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A new contribution to the tank coalition came from the West, which continues to support Ukraine in cash and weapons against Russia. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov announced that the Challenger 2 tanks supplied by the UK were brought to his country.

Ukraine takes delivery of Challenger 2 tanks

Minister Reznikov made a statement on the tanks supplied to Ukraine within the framework of the West's "tank coalition" on his social media account. "Challenge 2 tanks supplied by the UK have just arrived in our country." Reznikov said, thanking the British administration and people for the tanks. Reznikov said that the tanks have been test driven and will soon begin their combat duties.


According to the news in Anadolu Agency, in the statement made by the Ukrainian General Staff, it was recorded that the Russian army carried out 24 air and 12 missile attacks in the last day.

The statement, which alleged that the Russians were using the "terrorism against civilians" tactic, said, "As a result of the missile attack on the infrastructure of the city of Slovyansk in the Donetsk region yesterday, civilians were killed and injured." 

In the statement, it was reported that a civilian facility was damaged in the airstrike carried out by the Russians in the city of Berislav in the Kherson region.

It was stated that Russia attacked with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) at night, and 14 of them were shot down by Ukrainian forces.


Ukrainian Land Forces Commander Alexander Sirskiy evaluated the situation at the front in a statement on his social media account.

Stating that the Russians are trying to concentrate their main efforts in the direction of Bakhmut, Sirskiy said, "They continue their attempts to cordon off and seize the city." 

"Thanks to the heroism and professionalism of our army, skillful and coordinated actions, maneuvering and effective use of weapons, we are holding Bahmut despite various guesses," said Sirskiy. 

Noting that their main goal is to "deplete the superior power of the Russian army and inflict heavy losses", Sirskiy said, "This will enable the liberation of Ukrainian lands and create the necessary conditions to accelerate our victory."


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