Scientists got worried: A giant piece of the Sun broke off

2023-02-11 14:41:42 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-02-11 15:01:02

Scientists have made a surprising discovery on the Sun. It turned out that a large part of the Sun had been torn from its surface. Scientists are investigating the possible effects of this event on Earth.

Scientists got worried: A giant piece of the Sun broke off
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Through the James Webb Space Telescope of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), scientists detected an unexpected development on the Sun. Space weather forecaster Dr. Tamitha Skov, in a post on her Twitter account, said that a large piece of the Sun broke off from its surface and formed a hurricane-like vortex around the North Pole.

Researchers observed this event on the Sun last week, and the potential effects of the phenomenon on Earth are still being investigated.


Video of the phenomenon, which occurs in protrusions on the Sun's magnetic surface, has also been published. Dr. Tamitha Skov, in her statement on Twitter, said, "Let's talk about the polar vortex! The material ejected from the northern bulge just broke off the main wire and is now spinning around the Sun's North Pole in a great polar vortex. What can be done to understand the atmospheric dynamics of the Sun above 55 degrees. It wouldn't be an exaggeration."

In his next tweet, space weather forecaster Skov said, “According to more observations of the Solar Pole Vortex, it took the material about 8 hours to circumnavigate the pole at about 60 degrees latitude. This means: The predicted peak horizontal wind speed in this event is 96 kilometers per second or 60 miles per second!”


Solar flares were cited as a worrying development, as they could affect the Earth and damage communication channels if they were too severe. "I've never seen a vortex like the one that occurs when a piece of the bulge breaks off and hits the sun's atmosphere," said Scott McIntosh, a solar physicist at the US National Center for Atmospheric Research.