'Alien on shore' alarmed world

2023-04-09 11:34:28 | Last Update : 2023-04-09 11:48:25

The mysterious creature found on the shores of England has taken the world by surprise. While it is not yet known what the creature with a spiny tail, two fins and likened to an 'alien' is, associations only have theories.

'Alien on shore' alarmed world
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In West Sussex, England, a 72-year-old woman named Marilyn Inglis discovered a creature lying dead while walking on the beach. Examining the creature she likened to an 'alien', the woman photographed the creature.

It turned out that the old woman had seen and photographed a similar creature on another beach before. What these two creatures have in common is that they have a jellyfish-like translucent head, long tail, and two fins. In addition, both bodies have a dark gray color. Speaking to the British newspaper Mirror, the 72-year-old woman said, "We don't see this kind of thing much. It looks a bit alien."


According to the news reported by Sabah, stating that she showed people the photos she took but nobody knew what it was, the old woman said, "It's more than 60 centimeters tall. It's a little bit eaten and has a crocodile tail. It's hard to know how long it's been dead and whether it's swollen after being in the water."

The UK Animal Welfare Foundation said they could not identify the creature and were quite surprised. However, the Marine Conservation Society thinks this creature may be a variation of the stingray fish.

"Our experts believe this is a hunted stingray with its wings removed," an official from the association said in a statement. The association stated that they had encountered stingrays without wings in a similar way before.

(Photos: Marilyn Inglis and Reddit)

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