Turkey to build and launch satellites 'in five years'

Turkey will be able to build its own satellite by 2019, the chairman of Turksat Satellite Communications tells industrialists.

Turkey to build and launch satellites 'in five years'
Turkey will be among those countries which produce and launch their own satellites within five years, the head of a Turkish communications body has claimed.

Ensar Gul, chairman of Turksat Satellite Communications, was speaking at a meeting organized by the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association, MUSIAD, on Saturday.

“If you have experience, you can build a satellite within three years and launch it within another two years. That means Turkey will have its own satellite within five years,” Gul said.

He added that the company has opened a center at Turkish Aerospace Industries.

Turkey has three communication satellites in orbit and the country has built five satellites in total. The country either co-produced those satellites with Japan or outsourced it to other companies.

Turkey also possesses an earth observation satellite and has recently started moves to build its own space agency.

Anadolu Agency
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