Croatian footballer Rakitic returns to Sevilla

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Rakitic won 2014 UEFA Europa League title with Spanish club

Croatian footballer Rakitic returns to Sevilla

Spanish football club Sevilla signed its former player Ivan Rakitic on Tuesday.

"@ivanrakitic [Rakitic] returns home, he is a Sevilla player once again! Welcome back, Ivan!" Sevilla said on Twitter.

"The Andalusian team will pay FC Barcelona 1.5 million euros [$1.8 million] plus 9m [$10.7 million] in variables," Barcelona said in a statement.

Swiss-born Croatian midfielder Rakitic, 32, previously played for Barcelona for six years (2014-2020).

He was a Sevilla player between 2011-2014.

Playing in the center of the park, Rakitic won the 2014 UEFA Europa League with Sevilla.

Rakitic spent his best years in Barcelona, winning 13 trophies including the 2015 UEFA Champions League and four Spanish La Liga titles.

He had 36 goals and 36 assists in 310 appearances for Barcelona.

Source : AA
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