Famous Coach Lucescu announced that he met with Fenerbahce President Ali Koc

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Ukrainian team Dynamo Kyiv Coach Mircea Lucescu's statements about Fenerbahce drew attention. The Romanian coach, who previously made Galatasaray and Besiktas champions in the Super League, admitted that he received an offer from Fenerbahçe.

Famous Coach Lucescu announced that he met with Fenerbahce President Ali Koc

Mircea Lucescu, one of the unforgettable names of Turkish football, announced that he received an offer from Fenerbahce last season. Continuing his career at Dinamo Kyiv, the 77-year-old coach said that before Jorge Jesus took office, Ali Koc talked to him.

Speaking to the Romanian press, Lucescu said, "I could have gone to Fenerbahce before Jorge Jesus in the summer, but I did not accept it. I could not leave Dynamo Kyiv in its current state. This is not my character. If people here decide that a change is needed, then I will leave." 


Noting that he received close attention from Nice, one of the French teams, apart from Fenerbahce, "It doesn't matter what happens, I don't bargain with anyone. In the match we played with Rennes, there were people from Nice, but leaving did not even cross my mind. Here in Ukraine, it is great for the championship to continue. There are efforts," Lucescu said, adding that he would not leave. Lucescu, who faced Fenerbahce in the play-off stage of the Champions League this season, won the first match 0-0 at home and 2-1 on the road, and managed to skip the rounds.

Struggling with the limited staff he has, the Romanian coach once again became a rival to Fenerbahce in the UEFA Europa League Group B. Lucescu, who could not get a tooth against Jorge Jesus, lost 2-1 in the home and 2-1 away.

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