If Jorge Jesus was Turkish, he would have already been sent: Ümit Karan

2023-04-08 15:04:42 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-04-08 15:17:52

Former national football player and coach Ümit Karan made special statements to turkiyegazetesi.com.tr. Karan said about the Jorge Jesus crisis in Fenerbahce, "If he was a Turkish coach, he would have been sent already."

If Jorge Jesus was Turkish, he would have already been sent: Ümit Karan
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SPECIAL NEWS - National football player and coach Umit Karan, one of the legends of Galatasaray, made special statements to the turkiyegazetesi.com.tr about the game system of the experienced coach Jorge Jesus, who is alleged to be sent to Fenerbahce.


Umit Karan, who said that Jorge Jesus has been cherished since the beginning of the season, stated that he did not find the Portuguese coach very successful. While criticizing Jesus' game system, Karan also used reproachful words about the football industry:

"If he was a Turkish coach, he would have been sent already. Especially in derbies, he tries the triple system, it means he likes to lose. There is no need to take risks in derbies, it is necessary to win and make the fans happy. In Türkiye, there is no need to dwell on the triple system. Now it is necessary to know, teams in Türkiye cannot play the triple system. There is no point in trying every time."

Stating that Galatasaray, for which he wore the uniform for a period, would be 99 percent champion, Karan said, "Of course, 1 percent is an important rate in football, but Galatasaray will not quit the race after this time."


To the question of whether the Galatasaray team with Sneijder and Drogba was better or Galatasaray with Icardi and Mertens, the football man who answered with a smile, "The team with Ümit Karan and Necati Ateş was better," continued his words as follows:

"Galatasaray's current squad structure is good, there are quality players, but Drogba and Sneijder are class players. Icardi is a star yes, but Drogba, Sneijder is a world star.

"Anyway, Galatasaray's squad structure is always good, we can't say that they made very wrong choices. Of course, bad transfers do happen from time to time. If Galatasaray is not champion for 2 years, it becomes the biggest candidate for the championship in the 3rd year. Galatasaray's genetic structure is good, it is a tournament team, it likes the finals."

Coach Umit Karan, who parted ways with Kastamonuspor on February 5, stated that he would consider the coaching offers at the beginning of the season.