I could not break Fatih Terim's request: Capone

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Galatasaray's legendary footballer Capone is back in Türkiye. Attending the groundbreaking ceremony of the new facilities to be built in Kemerburgaz, the former Brazilian footballer answered the questions of turkiyegazetesi.com.tr. Talking about his memories of the 2000 UEFA Cup final, Capone made a remarkable confession 23 years later.

I could not break Fatih Terim's request: Capone

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - FERHAT KIZILTAS Galatasaray's legendary footballer Capone made exclusive statements to turkiyegazetesi.com.tr. The former Brazilian footballer, who attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the new facilities of the yellow-reds in Kemerburgaz, talked about his unforgettable memories of the UEFA Cup period, including Okan Buruk and Galatasaray's success this season.

Your former teammate Okan Buruk is very close to the championship with Galatasaray and did you expect such a success from him in your first season?

Yes, I expected it. I know his hard work and personality well. He has already won the Super League title with Basaksehir and was successful. This is a teamwork, a result of working together with the management and the players.

Which player has impressed you the most at Galatasaray this season?

We can name all the players, the champions are all good, but Mauro Icardi scored some very important goals. Muslera is also doing very important things. We can say they are all good players.

Galatasaray have had a serious advantage over Fenerbahce in recent times. This season they won 3-0 very comfortably in Kadıkoy. In general, if you make a comparison between your era and now, do you think the rivalry has opened up? 

Both teams have big clubs and big communities. There is a long rivalry between the two, but Galatasaray's championships in recent years show that there is a difference. Nevertheless, the size of the rivalry is also flattering.

You met again with Fatih Terim. It has been 23 years since the UEFA Cup victory. Can you relive such a championship?

Our success at that time was a very big thing. It was not an easy success. We beat a team like Arsenal and became champions. The club is working and making efforts to repeat it, but I think it will be very difficult to reach that level. Of course we hope for such championships. 


Lastly, Capone told a memory he could not forget about the UEFA Cup won in 2000 and said that Fatih Terim wanted him to take the last penalty.

Stating that he suffered an injury in the final match, the legendary player used the following expressions:

Popescu scored the last penalty against Arsenal and we became champions. If he had missed, my name would have been on the last penalty. I was actually injured but I was going to take it. 

Fatih Terim trusted me even though I was injured and asked me to take it. I was already confident in myself. If that opportunity came, I would have scored.

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