Turkish basketballer wins championship in Spain's 1st Basketball League

2023-06-21 10:22:52 | Last Update : 2023-06-21 10:33:55

Barcelona, for which Turkish basketball player Sertac Sanlı plays, defeated Real Madrid 3-0 in the final series of the Spanish 1st Basketball League and won the championship.

Turkish basketballer wins championship in Spain's 1st Basketball League

The champion of the season in the Spanish Basketball 1st League was Barcelona, where Sertac Sanlı plays for.

The Catalan team, which did not lose to Real Madrid in the play-off final series, beat its arch-rival 3-0 and took the lead.

Barcelona won the last game 93-82 and declared its 20th championship in its history.

Edy Tavares of Real Madrid and Jes Vesely of Barcelona were the top scorers with 19 and 19 points, respectively.

Real Madrid has won the most championships in the ACB, which has witnessed a Real Madrid-Barcelona final pairing for the last three seasons, with 36 titles. Real Madrid also won the Turkish Airlines Europa League title for the 11th time this season.


Sertac Sanlı, who won the championship in Barcelona, became the 3rd Turkish basketball player to win a championship in the Spanish league after Ersan Ilyasova (2008-2009 with Barcelona) and Kerem Tunceri (2006-2007 with Real Madrid).

Sertac Sanlı played 10 minutes and 18 seconds in the Real Madrid game and scored 6 points. The 31-year-old Turkish basketball player's contract with Barcelona expires at the end of this month

Speaking to Anadolu about his feelings after the championship, Sertac said, "We played very well, we fought very well, we showed very good character, we deserved it to the end."

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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