Arda Guler will be Barcelona Sporting Director Deco's first big signing

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Deco, who has been appointed new sporting director at Barcelona, is making his "first big transfer" by signing Fenerbahce's gem Arda Guler. Barcelona President Joan Laporta had declared Arda Guler's transfer saga last night, new claims came from the Catalan sources. "Deco is close to making his first big signing as Barcelona's sporting director," the report said, adding that Arda Guler will continue to play for Fenerbahce next season as loaned. The sources also said that verbal aggrement has done.

Arda Guler will be Barcelona Sporting Director Deco's first big signing

La Liga giants Barcelona have announced that they are making attempts to sign Fenerbahce's young star Arda Guler, keeping him at the club for another year. Barcelona President Joan Laporta announced on the Catalan TV3's Onze sports program last night that they are interested in Arda Guler.


Laporta stated that the new sporting director of the club, Anderson Luis de Souza, nicknamed "Deco", was in Istanbul last week to discuss the transfer of Arda Guler and made the following statement

"Deco says he (Arda Guler) is a great talent. We are trying to finalize the transfer. He is a young footballer. La Liga allows us to make transfers for future seasons, not for this year. Arda has aroused interest in the Premier League, Seria A and La Liga. Deco and Mateu (Mateu Alemany, head of football) are trying to finalize the operation."

Joan Laporta


Sport, one of the Catalan sports newspapers close to Barcelona, reported after Laporta's announcement: "This transfer fits perfectly with Fenerbahce's plan to keep their star player for another year. A footballer's priority is to have continuity. Arda therefore wants to continue in his country for one more season to continue developing professionally before making the leap to the highest level."


Claiming that Fenerbahce, Barcelona and Arda have "given their consent" to the transfer in principle, but there are still details to be resolved, Sport said: "No transfer can be said to be finished without a signature, but Barcelona have taken a step forward by making the right moves for Arda Guler, who is currently wanted by at least 8 clubs. Arda is also wanted by top European clubs such as Real Madrid and Milan, but Deco, as Barcelona's sporting director, seems close to making the first big signing."


In an interview with Spain's As newspaper, former Fenerbahce football player and technical director Tayfun Korkut said the following about Arda Guler:

"Arda Guler reminds me of Guti. It would be good if he stays 1 more year at Fenerbahce, but if he leaves, he should go to a team that has the ball and dominates the game. Because he is not a player of fast transitions. Jorge Jesus played Arda on the right wing, but I think his future is at number 10."


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