Galatasaray has started talks with Dutch striker Weghorst

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Galatasaray, who have yet to get Mauro Icardi's contract from PSG, have stepped in for Wout Weghorst, who played on loan at Besiktas last season.

Galatasaray has started talks with Dutch striker Weghorst

Last season's champions Galatasaray are continuing their negotiations to buy Mauro Icardi's contract.

The Yellow-reds have offered Icardi, who has a one-year contract with PSG, an annual salary of 8 million euros and are on hold.

The Argentine star, who has received offers exceeding 20 million euros per year from Saudi Arabian teams, has not yet made his decision.


Galatasaray, who are in talks with Mauro Icardi, have added Dutch striker Wout Weghorst as an alternative.

The 30-year-old star, who played on loan at Beşiktaş until the half-time of last season, was then transferred to Manchester United.

It was learned that Okan Buruk, who is warm to the national footballer, will make a decision to buy Icardi in case of problems.


A loan offer is expected to be made for Weghorst, who has a contract with Burnley until 2025.

The Dutch striker, who made 18 appearances for Beşiktas, shook the rival nets 9 times and made 4 assists.

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