Dynamo Kyiv's exaggerated Russia reaction to Fenerbahce

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Ukrainian team Dynamo Kyiv reacted against Fenerbahce, who will be camping in Russia. Reminding the UEFA Champions League play-off match played in Kadikoy last season, the Ukrainian team said, "Fenerbahce Sports Club; no honor, no shame, no conscience. Shame on you." While the harsh expressions used in the statement draw attention, the response of our representative is eagerly awaited.

Dynamo Kyiv's exaggerated Russia reaction to Fenerbahce

Dynamo Kyiv has lashed out at Fenerbahce ahead of their training camp in Russia.

The harsh and exaggerated expressions used by the Ukrainian team drew reaction on social media.

Fenerbahce is expected to respond to the issue in a short time.

Making an official statement, the Ukrainian representative made the following statements:

"When Fenerbahce fans put on the mask of Putin, the biggest sadist in Europe, and shouted his name against Dynamo, your club was silent.

"Now it is clear why. Gazprom's blood money has overshadowed everything, leaving us without honor and conscience.

"Russian missiles kill Ukrainians every day. While all civilized civilizations are united against this massacre, your club accepts bloody aid from terror sponsors.

"Nothing can justify UEFA and FIFA banning Russian clubs from tournaments while you tour with them for money, no amount of money can pay for your visit to these murderers who lack human qualities.

"You are helping the murderers to continue their bloody actions on Ukrainian territory. You legitimize their evil deeds.

"Fenerbahçe Sports Club; no honor, no shame, no conscience. Shame on you."


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