Footballer Arda Guler underwent knee surgery: Spanish press

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Arda Guler, who got injured in training after his transfer to the Spanish team, Real Madrid, has been operated on. Spanish press announced that the young footballer will stay away from the pitch for at least 2 months.

Footballer Arda Guler underwent knee surgery: Spanish press

Arda Guler, who transferred to the Spanish team, Real Madrid for a record fee from Fenerbahce, one of Türkiye's leading teams, at the beginning of the season, underwent knee surgery after getting injured in the Madrid team's camp in the United States (US), Spanish newspaper Marca reported.

He underwent surgery in Madrid. According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, which is known to be close to Real Madrid, it will take at least two months for the young footballer to return to the pitch.

Guler suffered a meniscus problem in his right knee after he was injured in the camp in the USA, and his doctors decided to operate after the expected results were not obtained in his treatment.


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