Arda Guler is on CIES list of best young footballers

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Arda Guler, who Real Madrid transferred from Fenerbahce in the summer, has been included in the list of young talents prepared by CIES.

Arda Guler is on CIES list of best young footballers

The CIES, which makes a list of young talents every year, announced the players under the age of 19 with the highest market value. Arda Guler, who transferred from Fenerbahce to Real Madrid, was also on the list.

Barcelona's young talent Gavi is also on the CIES list.


  1. Gavi - 150 million euros (Barcelona)
  2. Youssoufa Moukoko - 59.9 million euros (Borussia Dortmund)
  3. Vitor Roque - 53.5 million euros (Club Athletico Paranaense)
  4. Garnacho - 50 million euros (Manchester United)
  5. Rico Lewis - 45.1 million euros (Manchester City)
  6. Evan Ferguson - 44.9 million euros (Brighton)
  7. Enciso - 40 million euros (Brighton)
  8. Endrick - 28.1 million euros (Palmeiras)
  9. Victor Hugo - 20 million euros (Flamengo)
  10. Facundo Buonanotte (Brighton) 

    15. ARDA GULER - 20 million euros (REAL MADRID)

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