‘Sultans of Net’ want to attend 2024 Paris Olympic Games

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"Sultans of the Net" will be guaranteed to take part in the Olympic Games in France in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games Qualifiers, where they will compete in Group B, if they complete their group in the first 2 places.

‘Sultans of Net’ want to attend 2024 Paris Olympic Games

The 2024 Paris Olympic Games Qualifiers, where the Turkish National Women's Volleyball Team aka “Sultans of the Net” will compete, will be held in Japan, China, and Poland on September 16-24.

Turkish team will compete in Group B and if they finish in the first two places in their group, they will be guaranteed to take part in the Olympic Games in France.

On the way to the Olympics, the Turkish team will first try to be in the top 2 in the table to be formed after the Group B matches to be played in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

In Group B, Türkiye will face Belgium, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Peru, as well as hosts Japan, ranked 7th in the world, and Brazil, ranked 5th in the world.


The "Olympic hopes" of the countries that failed to get into the top 2 in their groups in the Olympic qualifiers will not end.

Countries that failed to qualify for a visa to Paris will turn their eyes to the 2024 Nations League competition after the qualifiers.

Countries will be entitled to Olympic quota according to the 2024 ranking that will be formed as a result of the Nations League, in which the Turkish team won the world number 1 title by becoming the champion.

In the ranking, which will be made after the Nations League matches and will not include the teams that have received a visa for France as a result of the Olympic qualifiers, the countries in the "top 5" will be among the 12 countries that will participate in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

France will participate directly in the Olympic Games from the host quota.


Olympic qualifiers will be played in 3 groups in 3 different countries.

In the qualifiers, 24 teams will meet in China, Japan, and Poland for Olympic visas.

The groups are as follows:

Group A (China): China, Canada, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Netherlands, Serbia, Ukraine

Group B (Japan): Japan, Türkiye, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Peru

Group C (Poland): Poland, Colombia, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Slovenia, Thailand, USA.


Sultans of the Net will play their first match on their way to the Olympics against Puerto Rico on Saturday, September 16.

The match of the Turkish team will start at 07.00 a.m. (Turkish time)

The schedule of the Turkish team's matches in the Olympic qualifiers in Tokyo is as follows:

September 16:

07.00 Türkiye-Puerto Rico

September 17:

07.00 Türkiye-Bulgaria

September 19:

07.00 Türkiye-Peru

September 20:

07.00 Türkiye-Argentina

September 22:

10.00 Türkiye-Brazil

September 23:

13.30 Türkiye-Japan

September 24:

10.00 Türkiye-Belgium

Source: Anadolu Agency


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