Turkish footballer Arda Guler returns to Real Madrid

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Turkish footballer Arda Guler, who recovered from his injury, started working with Spanish giant Real Madrid during the break between the national matches. Guler is expected to be included in the squad after the break.

Turkish footballer Arda Guler returns to Real Madrid

Arda Guler, who transferred from Fenerbahce, one of Türkiye's leading football teams, to Spanish giant Real Madrid, underwent surgery after suffering a knee injury in the United States (US) camp with Real Madrid.

The Turkish footballer had started training in the past few weeks but had the misfortune to re-injure his left back muscle before the Las Palmas match.

Guler returned to training with the Real Madrid squad. The young footballer is expected to be ready after the national break.

Real Madrid will play away to Sevilla on October 21, after the national break.

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